The therapy department at McLean County Orthopedics strives to provide exceptional physical and occupational therapy services for McLean County and the surrounding areas. Our therapy team will provide care that is comprehensive, compassionate, ethical, and evidence-based to assist you in achieving your personal therapy goals. We are dedicated to excellence in customer service, offering therapy locations in Bloomington and Chenoa.

At MCO, our mission is to be centered around the patient. We respect and value each patient's uniqueness and will provide individualized treatment recommendations that are made in collaboration with you and your other health care providers. Our therapists, therapy assistants, therapy technicians, and administrative staff are committed to delivering care with the highest ethical, moral, and professional standards.

Physical and occupational therapy at MCO is different than anywhere else. At MCO, we focus on the whole person, not just the specific injured area. Our team prides itself on matching you with a therapy program that fits your goals. Not every injury can be treated the same way. Our staff is dedicated to learning what is important to you and helping you obtain those goals. We will help you recover in a welcoming, fun, and friendly environment. 

Physical Therapy

McLean County Orthopedics is a leading provider of physical therapy rehabilitation. Our therapists assist patients of all ages to get back to the life they love through exercises and strength-building to treat their injuries or recover after surgery. We implement research-based techniques to improve movement and functionality, reduce pain, and prevent further disability. Physical therapy can help treat causes of back pain, neck pain, knee pain, sprains, fractures, and more. At MCO, we will assist you in your return to independence! Take a look below at some of the therapy programs we have to offer.

Return to Play Program

MCO proudly offers the Return to Play program through physical therapy. Did you or your athlete get hurt while playing the game you love? Our Return to Play program takes those who have suffered from any sports injury or common ACL issues, and get them back in the game. This combination program often runs from injury through surgery and doesn’t end until you are back to full performance and competition.  It is combined with physical therapy, one-on-one attention, and group training at the performance center.

Athletes have the option of a three, five, or seven-month program that is therapy driven. Our professional team of expert therapists makes evidence and performance-based decisions on when an athlete is ready to proceed to the next steps of the program. A part of this program provides patients access to the wellness center to work out on their own, then onto the performance center with a sports performance trainer one-on-one, and progressing to group training before full return to competitive sports.

The Return to Play program offers much more than a standard physical therapy session. Our team utilizes evidence-based work through the use of advanced sports testing, including force plates, EMG data,3D motion analysis, and Functional Movement System testing before they move on to the next phase. Your progressions will be based on demonstrated ability along with healing times for your safest return to play.

Not only do you get access to an excellent therapy plan and wellness center, but you can also take advantage of our metabolic testing, to help give you tips on ways to improve your overall health.

Return to Work Program

Have you sustained a work-related injury? If you have and it is recognized as such, the MCO therapy team is here for you! The program begins with acute therapy with the goals of motion and strength and advances to a more extended work conditioning program that can be up to 3.5 hours per day and five days a week.  During the longer form sessions, you will simulate the specific tasks you need to perform to go back to work. The program will begin more general to help your primary injury recover and graduate to more specific work-based tasks such as lift, carry, push, pull, climb, or drag. 

The Return to Work Program includes overall body conditioning through Metabolic Health testing, therapy for your specific injury, and full-body recovery. Full-body recovery is crucial to reduce the possibility of injury during your rehab program and when you return to work.

The most common type of patient who utilizes the Return to Work program are those who have a physically demanding job such as first responders, police, fire, concrete, construction, electricians, or anything in-between.

Aquatic Therapy

If you have recently had a procedure or live with pain and need less-weight bearing therapy, we offer Aquatic Therapy! From the ease of our therapy center, you can step into the water and perform your therapy exercises with less pressure on your joints.

Aquatic Therapy is utilized in many programs and for several different types of patients, including post-surgical, Return to Play (legs and throwing), osteoarthritis, deconditioning, chronic pain, joint replacements, or anyone who will benefit from unweighting for pain management.

Aquatic Therapy is an excellent tool to utilize and help relieve pain during therapy. However, the goal is to transition to land-based therapy, as your body allows, so you can start to begin to live pain-free, completing your daily activities.

Metabolic Testing

Metabolic testing often benefits anyone in physical therapy. For anyone who is hurt or deconditioned, regaining that stamina is an essential part of the recovery process. Our team will utilize metabolic testing for any issue from total knee replacements to athletes and anything in-between. How we use it will vary from case by case, but the testing can be appropriate for every one of our therapy patients. The following are some of the most common programs we utilize metabolic testing

  • Return to Play
  • Total Joint Program (Pre or Post Op)
  • Spine/Chronic Pain Patients
  • Work Conditioning/Return to Work Program

The test is completed on a stationary bike where your heart rate will be monitored. You and your therapists will develop metabolic goals for you to try to achieve throughout your time in therapy.

Occupational Therapy

McLean County Orthopedics employs a professional team of occupational therapists who assist patients with injury and post-surgery recovery and develop skills for day-to-day activities. With help from an occupational therapist, patients will improve mobility, coordination, and motor skills.  If you recently had surgery or experience injuries, occupational therapists can help promote changes in your current environment to make your life easier. Our goal is to help you return to regular life as soon as possible.

Chenoa Therapy

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MCO is thrilled to offer the same high-quality physical and occupational therapy care as our main Bloomington campus close to home. We are excited to now service the Cheona area’s therapy needs! Schedule an appointment today to receive comprehensive care close to home!

Chenoa Fitness Center
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As part of your health care community, MCO will guide you in your return to independence, on your overall health journey, and help you to improve your functional performance. Call us today to find out more information about occupational therapy or physical therapy at McLean Country Orthopedics.

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