Injuries don’t just affect the body physically. While some injuries or chronic pain can be managed with the correct care essential for recovery, some injuries can impose a substantial burden to one’s mental health. In fact, physical injuries and mental health are closely related. At Carle McLean County Orthopedics, we offer health psychology services offered by Dr. Jepson, who provides therapy and support to patients with a wide range of health-related concerns. These concerns can include those who are chronically or terminally ill or in need of support in making significant changes in their health-related behaviors such as diet, exercise, and stress management.

Dr. Jepson has a deep understanding of the complex relationship between your psychological state and your physical well-being and can use this expertise to help people as they navigate their unique healthcare journeys.

Health psychology explores the many different factors that may be affecting each patient’s wellbeing from a biological, psychological, relational, and spiritual perspective. Our licensed clinical psychologist is committed to help patients through their journey to a healthier life. Patients may be referred to a health psychologist to get support for a variety of reasons, such as living with arthritis, to reach weight loss goals, or if they are a candidate for surgery. Regardless of the reason, your health psychologist will work with you to get the right mindset to achieve ideal health goals.

If you find it is difficult to make healthy changes in your life or experienced a difference in your mental health after an injury, visiting our health psychologist is a step in the right direction. Gain the resources and support you need at Carle McLean County Orthopedics. Schedule an appointment today!