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Quick, Quality Orthopedic Care at Our Walk-In Ortho Care Clinic

Immediate Care for Athletes in Bloomington Illinois

If your bones, muscles, or joints are injured, bring them to MCO's Walk-In Ortho Care Clinic and get the quick, quality care you deserve.

At McLean County Orthopedics, we understand that accidents happen and when they do, they make life even more stressful. That's why we offer a walk-in orthopedic care clinic with extended hours dedicated solely to the treatment of non-emergency orthopedic injuries. We want to ease your pain and restore your peace of mind by saving you time-consuming and expensive trips to the emergency room. 

Our goal is to allow for easy access to the best orthopedic care possible.

Dr. Wendell Becton, M.D. on McLean County Orthopedics' Walk-In Ortho Care Clinic 


"When a patient comes to the MCO Overtime Injury Clinic, they can expect to have their orthopedic injury diagnosed…have the pain associated with that orthopedic injury reduced by treatment…have that injury protected whether that's by a brace or crutches, and finally have the appropriate follow-up." 

Dr. Becton is the Clinic Provider at McLean County Orthopedics, specializing in Non-Surgical Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. 

Wendell Becton, M.D.

What to Expect When You're Treated at the MCO Walk-In Ortho Care Clinic 


Our specialists are trained to provide thorough sports physicals and care for a variety of conditions including but not limited to: all types of sports injuries, acute work-related injuries, and various sprains and strains.

Our clinic is ready for you six days a week at convenient hours Monday through Friday from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Our skilled specialists will provide the best care possible for you with no appointment necessary.

You can find our clinic at 1111 Trinity Lane, Suite 111. For more information about MCO's services and our Walk-In Ortho Care Clinic, read more now, contact us online, or call us at 309-663-6461. 

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