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Pain Management: Relaxing & Retraining Your Brain

After a WJBC interview with Carle McLean County Orthopedics Nurse Practitioner Sandra Fader, listeners received some insightful information about pain management, relaxation, and relief. After almost ten years of working in non-interventional pain at CMCO, she understands psychology's significant role in a patient's pain. She defines this comprehensive pain management to WJBC host Blake Haas and radio listeners, which she describes as a combination of psychology and physical therapy.

Sandy Fader also teaches a monthly pain relief seminar, Empowered Relief, held every fourth Wednesday, where she teaches cognitive behavioral strategies to people suffering from chronic pain. By learning about the body's relaxation response, the nervous systems can be trained away from pain. When asked about relaxation, she truthfully admitted she's always on-the-go so, "It's very, very difficult sometimes, and it takes a lot of practice." As many live a busy, fast-paced life, this practical seminar is a great place to take the time to relax.

The class is free, and pre-registration is not required, but Sandy advised patients to bring self-motivation when they attend her class as many of the techniques need practice. Participants will receive a binaural file that guides them through relaxation exercises. When repeated often, this technology acts to relax and retrain the brain and nervous system to be less responsive to pain.

Interested in attending one of Fader's seminars? Register by calling (309) 661-0368 or clicking here for more information. Contact us to schedule an appointment for all pain concerns, including shoulder, knee, hip, back, neck, elbow, foot, ankle, and hand and wrist pain. We care for chronic pain patients from their teenage years to their elders. Don't wait to address physical pain since it is so interconnected with emotional and psychological reactions. 

If you missed the full interview, listen to Sandra Fader's explanations about pain management and relief below:

Sandra Fader Interview with WJBC 
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