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Live Pain-Free With MCO’s New Procedure Suite

McLean County Orthopedics is excited to announce a new on-site procedure suite located within our office! Our professional and experienced physicians are now able to perform minor out-patient orthopedic procedures, as well as pain injections on our campus. We understand that a full-service surgical center can be intimidating. Our new procedure suite offers the convenience of an out-patient facility along with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

We see first-hand how chronic pain negatively impacts people's daily activities, and we are eager to use this suite to help our patients improve their health and their lives! Pain injections are a minimally invasive and highly effective form of treatment designed to decrease swelling, inflammation, and the pressure on your nerves. These image-guided injections not only deliver quick relief but can also provide your physician with additional knowledge about your condition and help pinpoint the source of your pain. You can rest assured that our pain specialists will provide you with a positive experience from the moment you walk through the door.

Have you sustained an orthopedic injury? Are you struggling with managing your chronic back, neck, or joint pain? Click to schedule an appointment today or call 309-663-6461. For more sudden injuries or accidents, we offer same-day appointments. Call us today! On-site x-ray and MRI services are available with orthopedic specialists standing by for fast, accurate diagnoses.

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